Monday, August 29, 2011

Derby death? I don't think so!

Summer is almost over. I'm usually very sad about this but this year I am counting the days until Christmas.

On June 18th at my very first away derby bout I tore my acl right before the half. It didn't hurt fortunately. I was just skating around the bend and heard/felt a pop on the outside of my knee. I went down feeling like something was really wrong. I got up and was able to skate to the sides but I knew it was not good. I went to see the doc and he ordered an MRI even though he thought it was only a torn meniscus. He gave me the bad news that I severed my acl completely and if I wanted to do anything sports like again (read irish dance and roller derby) then I needed to have it repaired.

I had surgery on July 14, 2011. I had to use crutches for three weeks then I could walk. I haven't been in too much physical pain. The emotional pain from being sidelined from life has been much harder to deal with.

I'm dong well at physical therapy, they say I'm way ahead of schedule pain and range of motion wise but I still have to give my graft st least 12 weeks to mend. I might be able to start exercise in a couple of weeks and maybe be able to start to skate at the four month mark. So maybe in November I can get my sanity back.

It's amazing how much exercise helps you to control your aggression. Or maybe it's slamming into another girl with all my strength that does that.

I miss derby.


The Trees said...

I'm so sorry Kersten. I had the same surgery and felt much the same way. I'm glad you're ahead of schedule on recovery!

RaeLynn said...

Kersten! I love that you're on the Roller Derby team. Good for you. Sorry about the surgery! :( Funny to hear from you today because Isabelle's Mom emailed me too! I can't believe all the drama that has gone on in such a short amount of time. I miss my class from last year so much. Sierra always made me laugh and was DARLING. Seriously, everybody loved her! If she ever wants to know what Mrs. White is up to she can look at our family blog :) it's and that'll be more than she care about, I'm sure. It's good to hear from you. It sounds like things so far this year have been pretty crazy but hopefully with this new teacher, things will start to calm down a little. Courtney and I talk every few days and she gives me updates on how things are going at the school and who she sees, etc. I'm going to have her give Sierra a big 'ol hug from me! Is Caleb still going to AHSJ? Great to hear from you! -RaeLynn