Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh I forgot to tell ya that I had to change my derby name. I wanted Keltic Storm but as soon as I had decided on it a month later another Derby girl in New York had it registered. It takes about six months to get your name registered so she had it before me. It was disappointing anyway. Everyone had already started calling me Storm and I really liked it so I decided to go with "Storm Warning" My derby number is -40 degrees since that is a way cool number relating to the weather. -40 is the only number that is the same in Fahrenheit and Celsius. It's also the temperature that skin freezes instantly. Cool huh???

The St. Patrick's Day parade was really fun this year. We had a few performances that night as well.


ABDO said...

Love the new name...sounds like the other derby girls better watch out for sudden weather changes!! And your number (a shout out to your Canadian heritage, too)- very cool. You are amazing. Have fun!

Kersten said...


I never thought about the connection with Storms and Canada, I love it!

The Trees said...

That would be so exciting to watch. I also love the Irish dancing. We love the Keltic arts and performances.

Lorenne said...

You are one hot tamale! Looks like you're having SO much fun.

Clint and Cassie are moving in May, I think. Crazy, huh! You just can't predict life. I think they're going to LOVE it and never want to leave. (And we all are going to LOVE visiting them!)