Thursday, February 16, 2012

So much has been going on and I feel so lazy that I haven't written about any of it.

A horrible tragedy happened to a dear friend's family and it has made me realize so much more how precious my children are to me.
If not for her blogging and her pictures I would have never of gotten to know her sweet little girl that was gone too soon from this life.  It has made me change a few things and I hope that I will love and appreciate my children more. Give them more hugs, more attention and just more of myself every day.
Christmas was so wonderful this year. Santa brought Sierra some really fun toys while being a little more reserved for the older kids. We took them to Disneyland the day after Christmas.

Disneyland wasn't a surprise for Ash or Jax  since they had to get work off but Sierra was sure surprised! Noelle got enough hints from other people and she did a pretty good acting job Christmas morning so she wouldn't ruin our surprise. Such a sweetie. When they were all little it seemed like it would be forever until they grew up but now it seems like time is speeding up and it's becoming a blur. This will be the year I start to document as much as possible so when I lose my memory I'll be able to look back and remember all the wonderful adventures we had.


The Trees said...

That's so sad about your friend's little girl. It's one of my greatest fears. Your family is beautuful Kerstin! What a fun Christmas present!

Carrie said...

I felt the same way about Elle. I am glad I get to see you every so often at the Gym.

RaeLynn said...

This is super random but I was looking through old pictures today and started looking through pictures from when Sierra was in my class and I miss her so much! She was constantly making me laugh and saying the most hilarious things. Tell her hello for me and that I miss her!