Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A round of antibiotics and a week in sunny St. George has helped kicked the crap out of Jackson's lungs. We were planning on going camping up high in the Uintah mountains. We went up last Sunday to find a spot. We found a nice place but it was only fifty degrees. We decided that Jackson didn't need the cold. We thought a week of 100 to 115 degrees would be better. It was. We had a great time over the holiday. Pioneer Day for those of you who are thinking "what holiday?"

24th of July is Pioneer Day in Utah and it is just as big or bigger than Independence Day. Same kind of stuff going on. Parades, fireworks, picnics. That sort of thing. It's great.

The kids got to swim a lot and just relax. Sierra loves the water until we try and get her to swim or float. She then screams her lungs out. Hub thinks its good for her.

Our friends that live there have a pool at their house and they have a little boy a month older than Sierra. Ya, he can totally swim. At least he isn't potty trained yet. HA! Well, neither is Sierra but we are going to work on that very soon.

No signs that Noelle is getting sick. Hopefully she will pass this one by. I hope.

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Christine said...

Glad to hear that Jackson is getting better! That stinks to be so sick!!! We need to plan a trip to St George together!!

P.S. We got our curbing done and we love it!! Thanks for the referral!