Monday, November 10, 2008

Disneyland in October! The weather was beautiful, the decorations were spectacular. The crowds...well it was UEA weekend. So we pretty much shared the park with all of Utah.

Sierra loved seeing her favorite characters. She ran up and hugged each one and had the biggest grin on her face. She wasn't scared of any of them.
We love the churros in Disneyland, they are the best. We have a hard time walking by one of these carts without getting one.
Sierra had so much fun posing for the camera.

She had the best time, even now she reminds me daily that she loves Disneyland.On the last day Scott got the cinnamon roll he had been craving the entire trip.

And I got my giant smoked turkey leg. I promise it's to die for.Haunted Mansion was the most popular ride since they only decorate it like this for Halloween to Christmas.

Sierra getting us all to do mad and sad faces. We would take her picture then she would say "okay, now a sad face."

This is the crowd in front of the Mansion. It was packed!
This is the side of the Mansion, all the people behind Scott and the kids were IN LINE. I have Never seen the line go out of the gates before. We were right by the entrance to the train. I tell you it was crazy. We got some fast pass tickets so we didn't have to wait.
Sierra was so excited to see Mickey, then she got all shy and hid in my hair. She gave him the biggest hug ever though.
This moment made the whole crowd behind us say "awwwww."

Time for a little rest and more posing from Sierra.

Some of the characters were in costumes.

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