Tuesday, April 15, 2008

St. Pats, Easter, Jr. Prom

This has been such a crazy month. So much has happened and yet I just couldn't seem to find time to write about it all.

It started with St. Patrick's Day. It was so fun, seeing all those people lined up along the sides of the streets to cheer us on.Photobucket

Then Ashley took off to San Diego on her orchestra tour. She had a great time and loved having so much freedom. It was so hard for me to just let her go knowing she wouldn't have anyone there to tell her what was what. She did great and made me proud.

Next along came Easter and a trip south to St. George. We were invited by our friends to stay with them in their condo. We were worried we would get on their nerves being so close but I think we just all became better friends

Ashley got asked to Jr. Prom by a adorable boy who she has had a little crush on for a while. We had so much fun shopping for a dress. She was so cute, she didn't want a dress that was too immodest and at first wouldn't even look a dress unless it had full on sleeves. I finally convinced her to look at some others and she could put a short satin jacket over it if she felt uncomfortable. Dad even approved and said she looked great and totally modest.


Terri said...

Wow! So much to comment on! I'm glad you had fun with your friends at their Condo! Looks like a wonderful Easter!! And Ashley... Whoa. She looked amazing. Very classy and what a handsome boy. Oh, boy. :) I just love seeing your beautiful family! *hugs*

Christine said...

I am having the hardest time with the fact that our kids are old enough to date!!! We met when they were 5...where has the time gone and who said they could grow up so fast?? Ashley is so beautiful! How fun for her to go to prom! Love all the updates on your family. We love you guys!