Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I couldn't resist those eyes peeking out from under
her hood. We had to wake her up to go look at a
hot spring in Yellowstone.

I got smile a few seconds later.

The Dragons breath hot pot was stinky! Sierra
kept saying gross and yuck.

This is the coolest dinner theater ever!
We had a great dinner and then went into a
theater to watch "Seven brides for seven brothers".
The kids had never been to a live musical and they
loved it! They had a slow motion fight scene that was
hilarious. Sierra looks so cute sitting on this saddle
at the bar. She may need a pony. ;)

Noelle looks so cute in braids, too bad she
hates them.

Jackson Hole was so fun, we couldn't wait to
get up to yellowstone.

Sierra likes to load up on as many toys
and doodads as she can hold.

The latest disneyland photo with Mickey.

The baby ducks were almost as cute as Sierra!

Hot tubbing with all the cousins!

Grandma's birthday dinner was a huge success!
Apples to apples is the favorite game of the night.

Since we don't have a slide, Sierra makes do with
the big dirt pile in the garden.

Ashley performing at the Celtic celebration.

Noelle's dance.

My group, we were all so nervous. I don't know
why we have all performed so many times.

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J & K Shapiro said...

WOW! Next time you have a performance we want to come!! Please tell us. I know my girls would love it. You all look so good! And it looks like you had a super fun summer!
Hi to ya'll,