Friday, June 1, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend.

Memorial Day weekend !
We went camping and had the most fabulous time!
The weather was beautiful in the high Uintahs. The nights
were a bit cool. We didn't see any animals. My Mom
warned us there were bear sightings all over. Oh well.

Scott teaching the kids how to burn the forest down.
Just kidding. He was far, far away form the trees. It only looks
like he is starting the tree on fire.

Sierra loved camping. She was first afraid of the dandelions
that were flowering around our camp, but as soon as I showed her
they were OK she got over it. She then picked up every twig, and rock she could find
Here she is fascinated by a pine cone stuck to the branch.

Scott is the master at grilling!

Mmmmmm, a fire feels so good! We ate smores until
we were sick!

This is what camping should be! Dirt is good! That is
her own hand print on her face btw.

Sierra kept kissing Daddy over and over. She is so sweet.
He was trying to take a nap and she wouldn't let him.
I don't think he was too mad.

This is just about the most precious pic ever.

Is this kid handsome or what? I love the fuzzy
pic of Ash in the background. She hates it when I
take close-ups of her. She is gorgeous.

I have this huge space at the bottom of my post.
I'm having a hard time trying to figure out
how to work blogger. I can never get my posts and pics
together without it taking forever. Grrr...
Oh well. It works.


Mimi said...

What a beautiful family! It looks like a lot of fun, too. Have a great rest of the weekend! Love, Mimi

Dilly Dally Art said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! You sure know how to CAMP!