Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Roller Derby!

Oh ya baby. I tried out... I made it. I am now officially a Salt City Derby Girl.

My Derby Name is Keltic Storm and my number is #32˚.
Tell me I'm crazy, don't care. I'm doing this and I'm going to love it! Yes I will be wearing fish nets in public. Yes I'm totally fine with that.


The Trees said...

That is so great! You are amazing. Wish I was close enough to watch you in action. Pictures... It sounds super fun.

ABDO said...

You go, girl! Sounds like a Storm's a brewin'...Have fun. I hope to see a picture of you in action on this blog one day! PS-my word verification is "domoms", as in "do moms roller derby?" You can say YES to that!

Anonymous said...


(this is Reva, btw. I'm onthe husband's computer and can't log in)

Lorenne said...

Suh-weet! You are one sassy girl! Definitely post pics!