Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig

Happy St. Pat's day!!

I made some yummy treats to celebrate one of my favorite holidays.
These are super easy and sooo delicious.

Green velvet cake balls. Click on the pic...go ahead..I dare ya.

I took a white cake mix, added a lg pkg of vanilla pudding mix, and 1/4 C. chocolate powder and made the rest according to the package.
When it was cool I crumbled the cake in a bowl and added one container of cream cheese frosting and mixed it very well.
Then I formed balls and froze them
When they were cold enough I dipped them in chocolate and drizzled more chocolate on top.

So addicting.

You can do this any kind of cake/frosting mix or even oreo or nutter butter cookies. You don't have to add the pudding mix or the chocolate powder but I wanted to try it.


Kara said...

WHEWW Baby! These look soo good. How do you not eat them all up?! Kersten, you've got talent!!
Happy St Pat's!

The Trees said...

Wow, these look so so good! I also love St Patrick's day and I completely forgot it. Bummer. And those cupcakes, amazing! I wish so bad I had been that taste tester :)