Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We were supposed to go to Ken and Shan's house for Thanksgiving but Jackson came down with strep. We were worried he would give it to everyone even though he had started antibiotics, we debated going or staying. We thought Scott's parents were not going because they were getting over colds, and then we thought Ken and Shan were going to her parents instead. Long story short we ended up getting everything we needed the day before and as I was deep into preparing dinner Darlene called (Scott's mom) saying no, everything is still on and to come up. *sigh* Too late. Oh well. It would have been nice to be with everyone for dinner but this was ok too.

Ash helping with the stuffing.

Goofing off with Halloween costumes while bringing up the Christmas decorations.

Mmmm, potatoes.

Sweet potatoes with lots of butter, brown sugar and
marshmallows. YUM!!


So strange to just have the six of us for Thanksgiving. It was quiet but still wonderful. It would have been nice to have our parents there.

Sierra the silly.

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CrazyCow said...

Cute family Kerst!! Soemtimes I wish I could have Thansgiving with just the seven of us!