Monday, December 15, 2008

The big annual Robbins Family Christmas party!
Everyone looks forward to this party every year. Yesterday all I heard is "when are we going??"

We have a yummy dinner then we play Bingo or what I like to call "blood bingo". It was pretty tame last night. No tears or blood were shed this year.

We then exchanged our Christmas gifts, I love this part. I love to see how everyone likes the gifts they were given. Shan gave Sierra a barbie car with a barbie in it. It was so cute, she loved it. What was even cuter is that Shaylee loved it too. Sierra was sweet and shared it with her. That little Shaylee is the cutest thing ever, well it may be a tie for cuteness with Sierra. Ha!

We usually celebrate Noelle's birthday at our Christmas party since it falls either on her actual day or close to it. This year it was on her day. She wanted a big fudge-y chocolate cake, and Costco has a really good one. I just wished the whole things was eaten last night. Now I have a quarter of it staring at me all day.

Happy 11th Birthday Noelle!

Me and my gorgeous sister in law Judy. I had to get a pic of us since we totally matched in our black.

Noelle, Cody and Maddy playing cards.

I wished I had taken more pics. I just always forget when the party is in full swing. Everyone is coming over next Tuesday for dinner, so I'll try and get more then.


The Trees said...

Hi Kirsten, I found your blog link on facebook. Cute little family you have! Looks like you all had so much fun for the holidays. Blood Bingo??!! Now you have me conjuring all sorts of images in my mind. You'll have to explain that some day.

Our blog is...

And that pie from Thanksgiving looks delicious!

Jamie said...

You do know we are in February now right... I think I check your blog at least once a week, lets have some updates!

Kersten said...

HA!! Okay, okay...Now that we are back I'll get some new stuff up. ;)