Monday, March 19, 2007

St Pat's day! 07

St. Patricks Day was so fun! I didn't think it would be that great since I wan't dancing in the parade this year. Scott had to take Ash and Jackson up to Brighton for their snowboarding lessons so I got to take Noelle to the parade. She threw a fit when we told her she had to miss the parade and go snowboarding. this was her first year dancing in it instead of riding in the trailer. Her new traditional Irish dress was just finished a few days before. No way was she missing the parade this year.

Sierra loved the parade. It was about 70 that day and she was clapping along to the music and waving to the people who came to watch. There were so many people this year. I'm sure it was because of the warm weather. Sierra's shirt says, "Dad's lucky charm". Even though I didn't get to dance I still dressed up and pushed Sierra down the parade route behind Noelle.

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