Sunday, February 25, 2007

Me and my Mom at "It's a small world". It was so fun.I had Sierra then passed her to Mom, then back to Dad. Jackson got a turn then Noelle. Everyone wanted to hold Sierra because she was enthralled with all the colors and the music.

Sierra loved the fish at the Rainforest Cafe

Scott"s Parents Jack and Darlene were very happy to see everyone because they have been soaking up the sun in Arizona for the winter. They were so great to let us drag them all over the Happiest place on Earth!

Bunkbeds were a perfect option at the hotel, although in the middle of the night Jackson sat up and cracked his head twice. He doesn't remember it, he also talks in his sleep. He kept yelling at Noelle in the middle of the night...."mumble,mumble..Noelle! C'mon!....mumble,mumble"

I think I'm going to start putting a tape recorder in his room when he sleeps.

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